How much do quality barbecue grills cost?

How much do QUALITY barbecue grills cost?  The word quality is all based on one’s opinion.  Some people suggest that a good quality grill will last two years before falling apart.  We are going to base the assumption that a quality grill will last 10 years or more at a residential household.  To find a grill that will give you this type of lifespan you will need to stay away from the big box stores.

Money in hand1 How much do quality barbecue grills cost?


Charcoal grills:

The kamodo style grills are the most popular charcoal grills.  This type of grill will put you in a price range of   $500 – $1500.  The variables that will effect the price include size & placement (whether you want the grill in a stand, table or island).


Gas Grills:

A quality gas grill can run you anywhere from $1000 – $5000.  The elements of a gas grill that effects the price range include size, construction, brand, warranty, placement (Cart or island), and bells & whistles available.

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